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Our Story

Medatu is a digital healthcare platform started in August 2021 that allows patients to find the very best doctor, easy and affordable access to medicines, better diagnostics, and free health information. Medatu was built on the firm belief that the most critical aspects of healthcare must be connected digitally to deliver a great healthcare experience to all. Medatu aims to set up M Clinics with better diagnostics in India. We assure to provide the best healthcare services to millions of people in just a few clicks with our platform.

Our Services

Doctor's Appointment Booking

Medatu provides booking an appointment with the preferred doctors, you can find appointment times for doctors and book them instantly online with Medatu, making informed decisions based on verified reviews. And of course, we do deliver medicines to your doorstep and connect you to the best diagnostic centre, if necessary. Booking an appointment from any part of India is very much easy with us. All kinds of treatments are handled by our Health Professionals. Medatu creates a haven environment in search of the cure you are looking for.

Video Consultation

Telemedicine can help, treat a range of medical conditions. Medatu provides round-the-clock treatment via video calling from our experienced and trusted doctors. The regular session for curing patients virtually would create importance in saving time and receiving the same benefits as an in-person visit.

Medicine Delivery

Medatu is aiming to provide the fastest delivery of medicines across India. We deliver needed medicines to your doorstep with just a few clicks, the medicines are dispensed by verified pharmacies only.


We connect you to the most trusted laboratories to get your diagnosis done within 24 hours (multiple tests may require additional time). Medatu aims to get advanced diagnostics available at an affordable cost.

Symptoms Checker

Medatu is a step ahead in using artificial Intelligence and getting responses within a minute to all your health relating questions. It automatically checks the status of your health and advice the perfect solutions to the request of patients in searching specialised doctors nearby to your location. Getting confirmed, with any health conditions our symptoms checker rectifies and suggests a resolution for better health.

Health information

Medatu is building health information platform that offer trustworthy information, supportive networks, and in-depth reference material on health topics that are important to you. Original and timely health information, as well as content from well-known content sources, can be found on our site.

Core Values of Medatu

Trust and Empathy

Medatu is a platform that connects health professionals, diagnostic centres, and pharmacies. We respect your decision in trusting us. We strive to provide the best care you deserve. We aim in receiving genuine feedback and reviews to provide better health services in India. Your health is our responsibility. Medatu help centre will answer any queries instantly.


Medatu believes healing in smartest and broadest sense. Our high-end technology is enabled to reach millions of people get better treatment. We implement every new feature updated and upgrade instantly in benefit to our users. Medatu takes a wider step in providing advanced diagnostics, fastest delivery of medicines, and free information relating to health care and services. Our artificial intelligence technology will help to find the best care ever.


We engage ourselves in maintaining the privacy of patients and ensure safety measures in connecting with the right doctor or diagnostics. Our Artificial Intelligence along with our teamwork is making sure your information is kept secret.