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Editorial Process

Medatu provides authentic, accurate, and perfect pieces of information referred from genuine sources. Each content is reviewed, verified by our medical experts.

Stages of Writing

Our team works on identifying important areas of healthcare. Topics are channelized into different types of categories to provide well-structured content that is understood by one and all. Contents can be chosen based on the requirement of the user.

Creation of content

Our team is expertise in providing authentic, medical, and scientific sources relating to books, articles, regulatory websites, systematic reviews International and National guidelines, etc.

Referred by various sources

Refers to information from all approved sources and reviews based on the latest updates.

Reviews of content

Reviewed by our experts to enhance better understanding of the health information.

Updates and Feedbacks

Our team spontaneously works on improving our quality of content on regular basis. All the latest updated information is provided by us.

Our specification in the creation of content

Evidence and Facts

We post content only with medical proofs.


References from the information provided.

Need of our users

Patient-friendly appearance with requirements of our user in providing the best content.

Connected with latest updates

Regularly contents are reviewed with the latest medical reports and research.


Provide content that is neutral and provide content relating to products or services.


Contents that are easy to understand every topic accurately.