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  1. Are medications safe at Medatu?

    Yes, the medicines you purchase from us are of the best quality and 100% genuine. The medicines we provide are from world-class and recognised pharmaceutical companies. Medicines are manufactured under government regulations like without hand-touched, pre-packaged in factory-sealed blister packs, checked, and inspected. Medatu also sells the best AYUSH products available in India.

  2. What offer will I get if I purchase medicines or healthcare products from Medatu?

    We offer greater discounts to every product you purchase from Medatu. Once you purchase products, we offer you reward points automatically to your Medatu profile. You can convert reward points and get discounts on the next purchase of products from Medatu.

  3. Will I get any benefits for referring Medatu to friends or families?

    We offer a referral bonus when you introduce Medatu to your known ones and when they place an order with us. You get Rs.200/- in your wallet. Terms and conditions applicable.

  4. Can I contact pharmacies from Medatu?

    You cannot directly contact pharmacies at Medatu. Just send your requirements to us, we will get your products delivered at your doorstep.

  5. What type of payments does Medatu accept?

    Medatu accepts:

    • Debit/Credit card
    • Net banking
    • Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Medatu Wallet GPay
    Kindly Note: Debit/Credit cards are processed through our online payment service partners.

  6. Can I save products at Medatu?

    Yes, you can save your products on our shopping cart and wishlist.

  7. Are there policies related to payment, shipment, and delivery?

    Yes, please read policies in our footer section of the website.

  8. Will you accept Insurance Plans?

    No, we do not accept Insurance Plans. But we provide invoices and receipts to you in claiming for Insurance.

  9. Is it secure to use my credit/debit card with Medatu?

    Yes, we use third-party payment processing services to process all credit/debit card transactions. These payment links are agreed to PCI, which is a stricter level of certification standard that provides all cardholders data stored, processed, and transact safely by using our industry-standard encryption technology.

  10. Why is the image displayed on the website different from the product I received?

    We do make all the necessary efforts to provide product images on the Medatu website to identify the products that you receive. Colours might differ from the picture of a product displayed on the website. We do not guarantee the actual colour of the product because all monitors may not have the same colour settings. Kindly note, the product picture is displayed on our website for an example only. Please note variation of colour does not mean quality is compromised.

  11. Why do the pills look different on Medatu compared to local pharmacies?

    Accordingly, to the trademark laws, pills are not allowed to look the same as the brand-name versions. Henceforth, the pills you receive normally will look different from their branded counterparts, though both contain the same ingredients and work in the same way. Please note variation of appearance does not mean quality is compromised.

  12. Will it be safe to use Generic Drugs?

    Yes, it is safe to use Generic Drugs because they are obtained from world-renowned manufacturers in meeting the same standards for safety, quality, and power like the actual drug. Medatu recommends generic drugs prescribed by doctors only.

  13. What do In-Stock and Available mean on any product page mean?

    In-Stock: This means the product is available in our warehouse and ready to be delivered.
    Available: This means the product is available and will be delivered in 4 to 5 days.

  14. What is the information needed from my end to process the order as fast as possible?

    To process your order soon, we need:

    • Billing and shipping information.
    • Medical prescription (For medicines).
    • Payment details.

  15. Will there be any limit to uploading the number of prescriptions?

    Yes, in one order, only 1 prescription can be uploaded. Please place multiple orders if you need uploading more than 1 prescription.
    Note: any number of Non-prescription products can be ordered along with prescription-based medicines.

  16. What if I cannot find the products that I'm looking for on Medatu?

    Medatu has all the health products and services. If at all not able to find can send us an e-mail to so that we will get back to you in letting you know the availability of the product/services.

  17. Will your products be quoted in Indian Rupees?

    Yes, all our products will be quoted in Indian Rupees.

  18. How will my order be packed?

    Medatu takes responsibility for packaging your order placed. Untouched by hands, Sanitised, and will be packed in factory blister-packs.

  19. Will there be any hidden charges?

    No hidden charges are there in any of our products.

  20. What if I am charged with more price on my prescription drugs?

    Prices may differ and offer dates with the normal dates of purchase might vary. If at all paid extra on products on Medatu the remaining amount will be automatically credited at your Medatu Wallet, you can use it on your future purchases with us.

  21. Does Medatu deliver products in all the parts of India?

    Yes, we deliver products in all the parts of India.

  22. How much time will it take to receive my order?

    Delivery dates might differ for the product you order and the location you need to receive.

  23. What will be your delivery charges?

    Delivery charges are as follows:

    Order Value

    Delivery Charge

    Below 99 INR

    Order cannot be placed

    To the price 299 INR


    Above 299 INR

    Free Delivery

    Express 1 hour delivery

    25/- Extra

  24. What do you mean by Cash on Delivery (COD)?

    To process your order soon, we need:

    • Cash on delivery means paying cash at your delivery address once you receive the product ordered.
    • If you do not have a credit/debit card, or making future payments a bit insecure Medatu is at your comfort zone in providing Cash on delivery option at your doorstep.

  25. What would be the charge for Cash on delivery payment option?

    No, there is no charge for any of the order values.

  26. How can I pay by the Cash-on-Delivery option?

    Payments by COD are very much easy.

    Mentioned below as follows:

    • On our website, do select your products and choose the payment method as Cash on delivery and order review page.
    • Click on the 'Complete Purchase' button. Once it is been approved then your order placed will be dispatched.
    • When the order is at your doorstep from our delivery support agents, you would have to pay the complete order amount in cash.

  27. What are the terms for COD payment options on Medatu?

    Terms and conditions for COD payment are as follows:

    • Minimal order value must be Rs.100/-
    • COD is available for orders less than Rs.5000/-
    • COD charges are respected in paying the standard delivery charges.
    • COD charges are respected in paying the standard delivery charges.
    • Indian rupees are only accepted in the COD payment method.
    • Payments with debit/credit cards are not accepted when the mode of payment is selected for Cash on delivery. COD is only in accepting cash for orders placed with Medatu.
    • COD orders that are not confirmed will not be valid in 48 hours.
    • COD options are only for selected locations.
    • If your pin code is not mentioned in the COD listings option, you might not be able to receive the COD mode of payment.
    • In COD transactions, if you use any discount coupons the discount will be for the product only but not for the COD charges.
    • Shipping charges are not refunded except in case of any events occurring.
    • Remember to quote your Order ID in all your connection with the placements of order.
    • Medatu has the right to end or compensate in the COD mode of payment.

  28. What kind of mode with transportation is used in delivering my order containing liquid products?

    Any of the orders containing liquid products will be shipped only through road and rail transport. In those cases, delivery dates may differ from 5 to 7 business days depending upon the location.

  29. How will I get to know whether my order is been shipped or not?

    You will be receiving an email confirmation for your order along with tracking details and carrier name. You can log in and check the status of your order while tracking it. If the status of your order is displayed as 'In Transit' your order is been shipped. You can even get information about the order by contacting our customer advisors at

  30. How can I know the status of my order?

    You can easily check the status of your order by logging in to your account. This helps you to track your order. Meanwhile, even you can contact our customer service advisors by emailing us at

  31. How can I cancel my order?

    If the order has order been charged, we cannot cancel the order. In case it is not charged we can cancel your order by receiving an email confirmation to us at

  32. Can I be able to change my delivery address once after I place my order?

    If your order has not been shipped, we can deliver it to a different address as per your request. To know more information, you can contact us at

  33. How will my order be packaged?

    Medatu takes responsibility for packaging your order placed. Untouched by hands, Sanitised, and will be packed in factory blister-packs.

  34. How would my order be delivered?

    Order placed by you will be delivered by EMS or through courier means of transportation, depending upon your pin code.

  35. How can I contact customer service?

    You can either call us at our mentioned phone number at our website/application or even you can send us an email to and get a reply within 24 hours.

  36. What can I do if my product is wrong, damaged, or missing?

    If at all, received a product that is wrong, damaged, or missing. Can contact us at and receive full refund or return of the particular product ordered from Medatu.

  37. If at all I am not happy with the responses from Customer Service, what can I do?

    We satisfy all our customers in providing good quality services. If you are not comfortable with our service. You can kindly contact our grievance officer and email the request also. So that, we guarantee you that a reply with a perfect solution will be received to you within 24 hours.
    Details of our grievance officer are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions section.

  38. What is the time of operations for Medatu?

    Website of ours operates 24/7 - 365 days. Our customer advisors’ team will be available from 10 am to 10 pm on weekdays and weekends from 10 am to 4 pm.

  39. What will be your office address and email ID?

    Registered office address:
    NO 443, 1st Floor, 4th main, 12th cross, West of Chord Road, 2nd stage Mahalakshmipuram Bangalore North 560086 Karnataka, India