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Payment Policy


The Fees and Payment Policy ("FPP Policy") includes rules and regulations that describe MEDATU accepting payment methods for the progress of sales and services pertaining to Health conditions offered from our platform. Our importance at first is the user security concerns. We protect it with the medium of systematic procedures enabling security to protect the financial balances of an individual.

Users tend to go through the terms of the FPP Policy. If not accepted with the rules and regulations of policy, individuals will not be able to get benefited from our platform. You agree to bound the rules contained herein.

Fees and Payment Options

  • MEDATU never levies any fee in browsing with our platform, if upgraded to several other specifications in processing with the charge of services, buying and selling of products from vendors to customers, etc. are happened to charge a minimal fee accordingly mentioned with the rules applicable as per the payment policy.
  • Enhancing user-friendly conveniences, MEDATU offers varied modes of payment acceptance. MEDATU do have the right to add or delete the user entity with user payment options as mentioned below: (Payments processing with)
  • Net banking
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Gift card
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Prepaid payment instruments and electronic wallets
  • Any other payment options can have a check once again, with our PAYMENT OPTIONS. We accept at most insights with major selected bank avenues. MEDATU does not accept payments from International Debit/Credit cards.

    • MEDATU has the right to accept a copy of required documents and if any discrepancies are found has a right to even reject a user's payment made through our platform in Payment Options
  • While using the Payment Options user has to enrol the credentials accurately as per the account-related details for payment processes. A user is solely responsible for his financial credentials to be logging in to the payment gateways
  • MEDATU is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurred to the user in processing with our payment gateways:
  • Transactions carried out on gift cards, coupons, vouchers issued to the user as a part of promotions.
  • Exceeding credit/debit limit.
  • Payment issues arising out of technical faults happened during the time of transactions.
  • Transactions are being declined due to reasons beyond MEDATU.
  • MEDATU has the right to channelize with the limit of the transaction from an individual in our platform. It has the right to even decline the payments due to the involvement of faulty details to progress in the Payment gateway. The user is solely responsible for his suspicious activities from hoax websites. The user agrees with our payment structures mentioned precisely in our rules and regulations.
  • Products listed on the Platform are inclusive of all applicable taxes. You will be responsible for payment of all fees/costs/charges associated with the purchase of Products from us and you agree to bear all applicable taxes including but not limited to VAT/CST, service tax, GST, duties, and cesses, etc. Actions arising with price differences on some retail prices of the product are published which is set out below:

    • If the payment is processed with a lower or higher price when at the time of payment and at the time of shipment, keep us informed at our email address - within 10-12 days of business transactions placed with our platform.
    • If found any higher prices and the user feels to cancel. The user has the right to cancel, and a refund would be processed initiated with the bank procedures.
    • If any further information for cash on delivery, the user will be refunded if at the time schedule of 7 to 10 business working days.
  • In enabling the user to make payments an individual has will be indulged with rules and regulations mentioned in FPP policy. Electronic payments as mentioned will not be liable to any of the suspicious activities carried out upon the transactions without our notice of acceptance.
  • Periodical contracts with payment service providers including banks, to open nodal bank accounts applicable to Indian laws. To facilitate the payments between User(s) and other third parties, apart from MEDATU. Upon successful delivery of the products purchased by you through the Platform, MEDATU shall initiate payments to third-party service providers.
  • If it's brought to the User's notice that a charge has been created on his/her payment instrument(s) for purchase of Products on the Platform and the User is not aware of such purchase on the Platform, the User is first, required to verify if his/her family members, friends, or business colleagues were authorised to carry out the purchase of Products on the Platform. Users may report to us pertaining to the incident if any suspicious activities are noticed to our email address:
  • If the User fails to remit the Invalidated Payment into MEDATU's bank account despite having received the notice, MEDATU shall be entitled to initiate civil and/or criminal legal action against the defaulting User at his/her cost and peril. If at all processing with the transactions getting declined fewer times, a user tends to receive written notice from MEDATU.
  • The cash on delivery services are opting to pay for the products once the user receives the product in hand. Currently, we offer a maximum order value of INR 10,000/- reserves the right not to provide the option of cash on delivery payment for certain products with a value exceeding a specified amount or locations. User(s) are required to accept the rules and regulations set out under the Return Refund and Cancellation Policy which precisely describes the terms of refunds for transactions carried out using the cash on delivery payment options.
  • Crediting Score or Score Credit: If a user cancels the order in which payment has already been successfully processed that amount will be stored in Crediting Score / Score Credit account. In fact, all the refunds will be progressed directly to the user account on our platform. MEDATU reserves its right to hold back the transfer of any store credits to the User.

Customer advisers

You can contact us with any concerns pertaining to the Fees and Payment policy. email address -