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Privacy and Policies

The privacy policy is about securing the type of information collected from the users, including personal information and data relating to the usage of our platform in processing, retention, deletion of the account. This policy explains how we collect, use, share, disclose and protect Personal Information about the Users of the Services, including the Practitioners and the End-Users as defined in the Terms of Use, the visitors of the website (jointly and severally referred to as “you” or “Users” is mentioned in this Privacy Policy). The facilitation of services by third parties which may include delivery of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, over the counter products and such other products as ordered by you through the App or the Site, and scheduling diagnostic tests (each a “Service”, and collectively the “Services”) and how we use, process, disclose and protect such information. We created this policy to secure information provided by users and our commitment to the protection of your privacy and your personal information. Your use and access to the Services are subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Any capitalized term used but not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning attributed to it in our Terms of Use.

By using our services in providing us with information, you consider having read, understood, and agreed to the practices and policies outlined in the privacy policy. You hereby agree to our collection, use, share, and disclosure of information as described in this privacy policy. We reserve the right to change, add, modify, or delete portions of terms in this privacy policy. If at all not agreed to our policy, kindly do not use our services, or give us any of your information. If you use our services on behalf of someone else (child, employer, etc) you represent that you are authorized by such individual or entity to accept this policy on such individual or entity's behalf, consent on behalf of the employer, entity to our collection, use and disclosure of information as described in our privacy policy. With the use of our platform and privacy policy, we understand that you have accepted our structure of functioning.

General Terms

  • Accessing our digital platform, you confirm that you're authorized to enter a legally binding contract under Indian Law, Indian Contract Act, 1872, and have read, understood, and agreed to our privacy policy.

  • You hereby grant permission to share, use, and disclose information relating to health conditions to our specialized health professionals. You are requested to review our updates on the changes with our policies.

  • We do maintain a 'No Spam Policy' regarding any of the promotions we do not send messages or emails to you.

  • If you’re accessing our mediums channelized with our websites or applications, you do so at your own risk and shall be liable for compliance with any local laws.

  • If you do not agree with our policies, we kindly request you to not proceed with us. The privacy policies would change periodically without any notice. To get updated with our terms and conditions, have a check frequently relating to policy structures.

This Privacy Policy is published in compliance with, inter alia

  • Section 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (“IT Act”).

  • Rule 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011 (“SPDI Rules”).

  • Regulation 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (“Intermediaries Guidelines”).

Type of Information we may collect from you

Certainly, some of the services required to collect the information to confirm whether we are in touch with the user or the other. When you access our medium of approach for the identification of you, we might need your security questions to be answered, KYC documentation, Registered contact numbers, etc. You hereby declare that information collected from your end includes:

  • At the time of registration, we collect email address, residential address, full name, and phone number. We confirm your phone number by providing a one-time password reflected in your phone number.

  • We may also collect Sensitive Personal Data (SPDI) about you when you access our platforms. This information includes health concerns such as health records, health status, laboratory testing results, details provided by doctors mentioned in prescriptions for medicines, treatment plans for the cure.

  • To find medical practitioners nearby to you, we use your location to track and provide information relating to it.

  • We might collect, analyze, use, publish of which your personal information may be a component for any business or other purposes not prohibited by applicable laws which include even research and for marketing purposes.

  • At the time of booking of health products, services, appointments from specialists we collect card details which include Expiration Date, CVV number, Account holder's name, and account details for the payment procedures to be progressed.

  • We store information with prescriptions, treatment notes, recommendations, and other data generated by Medical Practitioners and data shared by third parties such as diagnostics-related information from our platform.

  • We receive information from other sources like your order details shared with our partners etc. Mediums include our advertisers, partners, third parties registered with us, and all the relevant information will be added to our Account Information.

The Information provided by you combines personal information or sensitive personal data under SPI Rules.

Personal Information is defined under the SPI Rules meaning any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available and is capable of identifying such person.

SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA OR INFORMATION means to the information relating to:

  • Passwords

  • Financial information (bank credentials, payment instrument details, etc)

  • Physical and mental health conditions

  • Alignment of sex

  • Medication history and records

  • Biometric Information

  • Information received by lawful contract

  • Visitors detailed information at the time of registration

  • Data of call records

Usage of MEDATU will be of no charge in collecting and disclosing information that is available in the public domain without your approval.


Information about you and users of our platforms is the fundamental significance of our business. We only share the information if the third-party users have accepted our privacy policies which are recorded under the law of our government rules and regulations. We have aligned with third parties, retailers, retail pharmacies, payment gateways, logistic partners who are intended recipients and may have access to personal information relating to the concerns. SPDI shall not disclose any information to an individual or entity. We may share the information:

  • In carrying out the obligations we receive from your end in our mediums.

  • In the improvisation of our mediums and to provide an easier way in access to any details relating to health.

  • To process and deliver orders placed with us.

  • In enabling applications and websites to purchase products and provide services.

  • To initiate with medical practitioners and diagnostic tests.

  • For Analysing algorithms, creating databases in rating systems, recommendations of engines, etc.

  • Research modules for your reach from our Reputed doctors, partners, and vendors.

  • In customizing your orders and communicating with you on our platforms.

  • For security reasons which include billing, free capping, market research, and developments.

  • To act accordingly with the applicable laws.

  • In conducting audits and quality assessment procedures.

  • To analyze our resources, troubleshoot problems, and improve our products and services provided to you.

  • Contacting users, in terms of updates, resolution of queries, order details, consultations, follow-ups, consultations, and offering new products or services.

  • In investigating and taking actions relating to fraudulent actions, illegal activities violating our policy rules and regulations for the safety of our respected users.

  • In responding to you with regards to queries, notifications of promotions or alerts, changes/updates to the site, the introduction of in advance payments that we may collect at that time for the purchase of products or services from our mediums of approach.

  • To contact you by the means of email, phone calls, and text message for your periodical status on your feedback with the purchase of our products and services with us.


  • We also have measures in place such that Your SPDI which is in our possession is destroyed and as soon as it is reasonable to assume that purposes for which Your SPDI has been collected have been fulfilled, retention is no longer necessary for any other reason, or under applicable law.

  • We do reserve the right to retain and store your personal information for our business purposes, whether such personal information has been deleted or not. After some time, your data may be anonymized and aggregated. Then maybe held by us as long as necessary, to enable purchases of products and provision of services or for analytics purposes.

  • If You wish to withdraw your request for processing personal information and SPDI, cancel your account, or request that we no longer use your personal information and SPDI to deliver our products or provide You services, please contact us at details indicated in the contact section. Please note however that your withdrawal of consent or cancellation of account may result in us not being able to deliver your products or provide you with Our services.

  • Please note that uninstalling the Application will not result in the deletion of your personal information or SPDI.

Retail Partners

We share only customer-related information to our retail partners in which the Retail Pharmacies will be able to supply or service wellness products, medicines, etc. on our platform. You can get notified when a third party is involved in your transactions.

Third-Party Service Providers

Few pieces of information might be shared with third-party service providers, like retailers, logistic providers for fulfilling the services and shipments of products successfully. They do have access to your personal information to perform their functions and will not use it for any other purposes. After the process, they must follow our privacy policies as permitted by applicable laws. We will not be responsible for any commissions of third parties associated with us. Meanwhile, we facilitate any issues relating to third parties from our end. We do use Third party SDKs in our mediums. We have our payment gateways in processing for your orders relating to Health Products with our variants of partners across India. To enhance better security measures, we use several software’s.

Legal Obligations

We release account information only when we believe in good faith, and such is appropriate to comply with applicable laws which includes:

  • Conforming with legal rights and complying with legal process.

  • Protect rights, properties, or affiliated companies.

  • Preventing crimes or in interest with national securities.

  • Protecting the personal safety of our users or the public.

We disclose your personal information to apply our terms and other agreements. Includes sharing information with other companies, organizations, government, or regulatory authorities for the protection of fraudulent happenings and credit risk reduction.

Uniting or Combining or Intra Group Transfer

We disclose information to our stakeholders, affiliates, partners, group entities, subsidiaries, or potential associates in an aggregated manner so that they even come to know the process of accessing measures to improve development. Third parties to whom we share the personal information following the purchase of the product or rendering services about health measures do have the access to your information of request. Improvisation of our business.

We do have the right to use a recorded copy and e-prescriptions with your Medical Practitioners in improving our services and in supporting you for consultation of any medical conditions.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

We use "Cookies and Tracking Technologies". A cookie is a text file that stores a small piece of information of yours when accessed with our mediums like storage of Account ID, Passwords, and dealt operations. You may even block in receiving notifications but if done so, you will not be updated with features updated from our end. You will be receiving notifications to accept or decline cookies with the 'Help' file from browsers or applications.

We may automatically update the information to personalize our services like restoring your data once you update with us. Tracking your entries, submissions, and status in any promotions or activities on our services.

We store your information for security reasons if it is necessary to address frauds and other illegal activities to provide safety, rights with our platforms.

Is information secured with Medatu?

  • We maintain electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards in the protection of the collections of information from your end. We might occasionally request proof of identity before we disclose any personal information.

  • We protect your security of information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information as per the International Standards on 'Information Technology Security Techniques Information Security Management System-Requirements.

  • We request access to our employees and agents who need to know the status of progress as it is in confidential terms. If not followed with our terms and conditions they would be terminated from our organization.

  • No employee or authorization will be knowing your account credentials and make sure that you log off after the use of our platform.

  • If any suspects are found with the use of your account, you must inform us by dropping an email or contact us in the provided details.

  • We shall not be able to take your prior consent before disclosing information if in case the information is demanded by government agencies or otherwise mandated under law to obtain SPDI, or during the investigation of cyber incidents, prosecution of offenses, etc.

  • We will not be responsible for poor internet connectivity, breach of security, for any actions of third parties, computer hacking, unauthorized access to computer data, computer crashes, etc.

Note for Practitioner:

This section applies to all the practitioners

As part of the registration and the application creation and submission process available to the practitioners on the Medatu platform, several pieces of information such as Sensitive Personal Data or Personal Information are collected from practitioners.

The statements mentioned in this privacy policy apply to all practitioners, all the practitioners are required to read and understand the statements mentioned in this privacy policy before submitting any personal information or sensitive personal data or information to Medatu, failing which they are required to leave our services which includes the website instantly.

Personally identifiable information of practitioners provided to Medatu is to help identify and describe themselves. This information is entirely owned by Medatu and you will be the owner of your information and you consent to Medatu processing, collecting, using, and disclosing the information for certain purposes. Medatu might use such information for commercial purposes and in non-personally identifiable information or an aggregated form for statistical analysis, research, business intelligence purposes, and may transfer or sell such intelligence or statistical data in non-personally identifiable or an aggregated form to the affiliated and third parties. Medatu is authorized with the right to use the information about or provided by the practitioner for the below-mentioned purposes:

  • Contacting practitioners in collecting product feedback

  • Publishing information on the website or application
  • Analyze software usage patterns to improve product utility and design.
  • Contacting practitioners in offering new services or products to the telephone numbers registered to DO NOT CALL Registry.
  • To analyze anonymized practice information that includes financial and inventory information for commercial use.

With the use of our software, Medatu automatically allows the listing of practitioner's information to a doctor or clinic. The Practitioner information listed on the Website is used by End-Users with the request for doctor appointments and the practitioner information listed on the website is displayed when end-users search for doctors on the website. To enlist practitioners on the website, any personally identifiable information of the practitioners listed on the Website is not generated by Medatu and solely provided to Medatu by themselves or collected from the public domain. Medatu displays such information with its website on an as-is basis making no representation or completeness of the information or warranty on the accuracy of information. We encourage practitioners to check the completeness and accuracy of the information provided periodically. Do inform us instantly if at all any discrepancies, updates, and changes to such information. Medatu will take the necessary steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information.

Medatu might also display the information for practitioners who have not signed up or registered for the services, provided that the practitioners have consented in Medatu processing, collecting, and disclosing the information on the website. Those practitioners are verified by Medatu or their associates, and Medatu makes all the efforts in capturing the information for such practitioners. Certainly, Medatu does not undertake any liability for incomplete or incorrect information that appears on the website for such practitioners.


  • As a part of the submission, registration, and application process that is available to End Users on our website, certain information including Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data or Information is collected from the End-Users.

  • All the statements in this Privacy Policy apply to all End-Users, and all End-Users are therefore required to read and understand the privacy statements set out hereinbefore submitting any Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data or Information to Medatu, failing which they are required to leave the Medatu instantly.

  • If you have shared any information which has to be deleted, modified, adding points, on our website you can drop an email to

  • End-user notes help to describe/identify themselves on our platforms. Other information that isn't identified by Medatu is collected from End Users. Medatu may also use such information in an aggregated or non-personally identifiable form for research, statistical analysis, and business intelligence purposes, and may sell or transfer such research, non-personally identifiable form to third parties.

  • Medatu uses the information from an End User for analysing software usage patterns and improving product design with utilities, analysing information for research and development of new technologies, using analysis of information in other commercial product offerings of Medatu, Sharing analysis of information with third parties for commercial use.

  • Medatu will communicate with the telephone, email medium on behalf of the concerns relating to the End User.

  • Medatu conducts a user survey to collect information about End-Users' preferences. These surveys are optional and if End-Users choose to respond, their responses will be kept anonymous.

  • Information that Medatu collects in the registration process and through surveys is used to help Medatu improve its Services to meet the needs and preferences of End-Users.

  • Medatu maintains records of electronic communications and telephone calls received and made for making appointments for administration of services, customer support, research, and development for better listing of practitioners.

  • Medatu employees and data processors, who have access to, and are associated with the processing of sensitive personal data or information, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of every End-Users’ Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data and Information.

  • Any third-party data processor to which Medatu transfers Personal Data shall have to agree to comply with those procedures and policies, or put in place adequate measures on their own.

  • Medatu may also disclose or transfer End-Users’ personal and other information provided by a User, to a third party as part of reorganization or a sale of the assets of a Medatu company. Any third party to which Medatu transfers or sells its assets will have the right to continue to use the personal and other information that End-Users provide to us, by the Terms of Use.

  • Medatu may provide their personal information to third-party contractors who work on behalf of Medatu to provide End-Users with such Services, to help in communicating with End-Users, or to maintain the Website, third-party service providers to process payment instructions including providing a payment facility to End-Users about the Services.

  • Contractors do not have any independent right to share this information, however, certain contractors who provide services on the platform, including the providers of online communications services, may use and disclose the personal information collected in connection with the provision of these services by their privacy policies. In such circumstances, you consent to us disclosing your personal information to contractors, solely for the intended purposes only.


  • No information is collected from a user of our platform.

  • Certain provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to casual visitors and are also required to read, understand the privacy statements of our policy structures.

  • If you are a casual visitor to our mediums do not provide us any kind of personal information except with the concerns of health products and services.

  • If any queries, kindly contact us at any time by dropping us an email at


  • Your Personal Information is maintained by Medatu in electronic form on its equipment and the equipment of its employees. Such information may also be converted to physical form from time to time based on your request.

  • No person will have the information of your credentials from our end. Direct end-to-end services are provided with us.

  • Medatu makes all user information accessible to its employees, agents or partners, and third parties only on a need-to-know basis and binds only its employees to strict confidentiality obligations.

  • In cases of policy with Terms and Conditions, we ensure the notifications relating to it.

  • We are not responsible for any incidents without contacting us indulged with.


You may review, correct, update, change the information that you have provided by logging into Your account. However, you are not permitted to delete any part of the personal information or any other information generated on the Platform. You may request us to delete the same. You can update your information at any point in time by writing to us at the details indicated below in the contact section.

You choose to update your personal information SPDI/modify it in a way that is not verifiable by us, or leads to such information is incorrect, We will be unable to provide you with access to our Site, App or the Services, as described under the Terms, and such modification may be regarded as the User seeking to discontinue his or her access to Our Site, App or the Services.

We reserve the right to verify and verify your identity and personal information to ensure the accurate delivery of products and services. Access to correction, updating, and deletion of Your personal information or SPDI may be denied or limited by us if it would violate another person’s rights and is not otherwise permitted by applicable law. This Privacy Policy includes Terms and Conditions describing information provided from your end in terms of health conditions. We 'MEDATU' process, store, deal, share and transfer the information relating to your queries to our specialists to get a concluded solution. With the use of our platform in reading, understanding our privacy policy, we understand that you have accepted our structure of functioning.


Use of our site or the application is available only to persons who can form a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. If You are under 18 years of age, then please do not use or access the services at any time. If we come to know that a person under 18 years of age has used or accessed the platform, any personally identifiable information has been collected on the platform from persons under 18 years of age, then We will take the appropriate steps to delete this information. If You are a parent or guardian and discover that your child under 18 years of age has obtained an account on or otherwise accessed the Service If any access is suspected with the access of your account, we kindly request you to contact us, children accessing your profile with or without the presence of the account holder can write an email stating the concerns so that we will be able to block the access to the other users for the user's security from us.

You can contact us - and request to delete that child’s personally identifiable information from our systems.


Services following the privacy policy, you declare to us in disclosing your Personal Information to contractors, retailers, logistic partners, etc. for the intended purposes only in agreeing with our terms and conditions by the user.




End-users using the website in registering for an account with our platform: Users can create an account by providing us with information like name, email address, mobile number, and such other information as requested on the End-User Registration Page. This enables us to provide you with the facility to use the account in booking your appointments and store other health-related information.

With every practitioner listed on, you might be able to see the ‘show number’ option. When you choose this particular option, you will be able to call the number through a free telephone service provided by Medatu, and the history of those calls will be recorded and stored in Medatu’s servers. Such calls will have an IVR message stating the purpose of recording your calls and the consent of yours with such recordings that are dealt with as per the Privacy Policy. If you choose not to consent to the record of calls, Medatu hereby reserves the right to not provide you with the services for which such personal information is sought. Records are dealt with only in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

End-users using the website without registering for an account (i.e., ‘Guest’ End-User): User can use our Medatu platform without registering an account with us, but to book an appointment, you might be asked with several information that includes your mobile number and such other information as requested when you opt to choose with the use of our services without registration to confirm an appointment.

With every practitioner listed on, you might be able to see the ‘show number’ option. When you choose this particular option, you will be able to call the number through a free telephone service provided by Medatu, and the history of those calls will be recorded and stored in Medatu’s servers. Such calls will have an IVR message stating the purpose of recording your calls and the consent of yours with such recordings that are dealt with as per the Privacy Policy. If you choose not to consent to the record of calls, Medatu hereby reserves the right to not provide you with the services for which such personal information is sought. Records are dealt with only in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Practitioner avail free listing service on our ‘Medatu’ platform in registering an account with us: As a practitioner, you might be required to provide us with information like your [name, mobile number, email address], and such other information as requested on the Practitioner Registration Page in creating an account. Medatu may be sending you an SMS or an email confirmation or other communications to End-Users concerning their concerns (bookings, appointments, other interactions with you) if those interactions are facilitated by Medatu.

Practitioner’s avail free listing services on our ‘Medatu’ platform without registering for an account: As a practitioner of the listing services without registering for an account in providing information like your [name, mobile number, email address], and such other information as requested by any of Medatu’s employees or agents who contact you in person or by telephone. In such instances, Medatu will be maintaining this information if, and until you choose to register for an account, in which Medatu might contact you periodically. Medatu will be sending you a confirmation email confirming the information provided and the fact that you will be listed on the website. If you do not wish to be listed on the website, please do inform Medatu instantly at

Practitioners using our Medatu Reach product: You will be required to create an account and provide complete information like [name, mobile number, email address] that is needed to Medatu, and such other information as requested by Medatu on the ‘Medatu Reach’ practitioner registration page, in completing your registration.

End users and specialists using the consulting platform: You would have to register with us in going through and accepting our terms and conditions then after you will have access to progress further on with our variant benefits with us.


"All Users Note"

This section applies to all users.

  • Perhaps, a condition of each use of and access to the Services is their acceptance of the rules and regulations, which includes the acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept our policy, you can refrain from the benefits provided by MEDATU.

  • Rectifying the individual who is our right contact person in enabling the use of services which is precisely described from our Privacy Policy.

The policy of this privacy includes:

  • The personal information collected from the user(s) relating to an individual.

  • Usage of our platform in processing, modes of collection, retentions, deletion of the account, etc.

  • We process accordingly based on our terms and conditions.

  • Accessing with our digital platform. You confirm that you're authorized to enter a legally binding contract under Indian Law, Indian Contract Act, 1872, and have read, understood, and agreed to our privacy policy.

  • You hereby grant permission to share, use, and disclose information relating to health conditions to our specialized health professionals. You are requested to review our updates on the changes with our policies.

  • We do maintain a 'No Spam Policy' in regard to any of the promotions we do not send messages or emails to you.

  • If you’re accessing our mediums channelized with our websites, applications, or applications. You do so at your own risk and shall be liable for compliance with any local laws.

  • Collections of relevant information accordingly as SPDI Rules to use, collect, and disclose as required under applicable law.

  • Medatu does not control the use of any other sources of medium and is not responsible for any of the acts applicable under the law.

  • You are solely responsible for providing financial information with the process of order accordingly mentioned in our terms and conditions.

  • If you wish to cancel or add promoting services you wish to opt-for, can contact us by emailing at

  • Medatu may require bank credentials in the process of dealing with services or products from our end.

  • Due to the communications standards on the Internet, when a User or the End-User or anyone who visits the Website, Medatu automatically receives the URL of the site from which anyone visits in improving our services accordingly in maintaining the convenience from the user.

  • Website uses temporary cookies which contain information about personal data, the number of transactions used, etc. You may disable the notifications popping up on your screen.

  • A User may have limited access to the Website without creating an account on the Website. Unregistered Users can make appointments with the doctors by providing their name and phone number.

  • These other sites may place their cookies or other files on the Users’ computer, collect data or solicit personal information from the Users, for which Medatu is not responsible or liable to us.

  • The Website may enable Users to communicate with other Users or to post information to be accessed by others, whereupon other Users may collect such data. Medatu hereby disclaims any liability for any such occurrences or misuse of such information that is made available by Users or visitors in such manners.

  • Medatu does not collect any other information except the request for Health products or services from our end.

  • We do maintain a stringent policy on behalf of "No-Spam". It defines not to encourage or promote any of the services or sales in our platform without the approval of the user.

  • Medatu maintains a haven atmosphere wherein it implements security practices and procedures of the user in our platforms.

  • We take your personal information to share with our responsibility only relating to our health products and service from us.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Medatu’s information of collecting, use, and disclosure practices, you may contact the Data Protection Officer appointed by Medatu by the provisions of PDPA. We will be using reasonable efforts in responding to your requests, questions, or concerns that you might have regarding the use of your personal information. If you have any grievance to our use of your information, you may communicate such grievance to the Data Protection Officer:

NO 443, 1st Floor, 4th main, 12th cross, West of Chord Road, 2nd stage Mahalakshmipuram Bangalore KA-560086