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Refund Policy

Return, refund, and cancellations are related to the terms and conditions of MEDATU accessible on our website. Any return or cancellation policy is subject to the terms and conditions.


In Agreeing with our rules and regulations on a request of purchase, a user is bound to accept the terms without any cancellation. If not agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this Policy, you are advised not to indulge in transactions using this platform.

Beware that we might change the rules and regulations periodically updated your return, refund, and cancellation of an order on products in the Platform. Each time you tend to have a click, take your time for the updates on our policies.


We do our best in reverting to the concerns pertaining to order with us like incomplete order, product expired, product damaged, product incorrect, prescription changed by the doctor due to emergency situation, etc. Inform us within 10 business working days to be recorded in the books of an account with us.

Beware that MEDATU will not accept any charges that happened to see with delivery-related issues on the request placed. If you fail to notify us within 10 working days of receipt, we may not be able to update the request.

The user cannot return the non-refundable product. It's the User(s) sole responsibility to progress with the order in having a double-check whether it is a refundable or non-refundable product before placing an order.

We understand that minor defects with certain we might allow the return of unopened, unused products after deducting a 20% restocking charge, only when if you notify us within 30 working days of receipt and MEDATU has the right to accept or reject the product returned in such circumstances.


Kindly note that we do not offer replacements or exchanges relating to the categories of products like Injections, Health Monitors-Equipment, and Ortho Support.

On or before choosing the product be aware of the information provided relating to it.

(Note: This product cannot be returned or exchanged after the purchase of it).


With us MEDATU, we provide our best health products and services in satisfying the use of this platform. We are blissful to issue a full refund based on certain conditions mentioned below:

Full Refund is processed only when,

  • You've received a defective product.
  • Order product is lost or damaged during the process of shipment.
  • Products which have crossed the expiration dates.

Mode of payments may vary depending upon the bank in use of Debit/Credit card or Net Banking. Do wait for 7-10 working days to reflect on the account. Refund details will be displayed on the wallet within 24 hours.

Cash on delivery: To process with cash on delivery orders, the user has to email us at Thereafter we will be able to progress ahead with the concern. The user has to provide cancelled cheque leaf and bank details of the account holder's credentials.

MEDATU directly refund to the user(s) bank account in cases such as:

  • When at all excessive price has been charged on certain products to be refunded.
  • In any other instances wherein Medatu has to refund the user will be instantly progressed.

If at all the user needs to receive a refund to his/her wallet as mentioned in the above circumstances [as per clause B(v)], at the time of deactivation of the User’s account, any amount that is unused in the wallet shall be transferred to the User’s Bank account.

Requesting for a refund: To request a refund is simple by contacting us at our email address stating the valid reason for the order. We do take actions immediately meanwhile to improve our services.


Cancellation of a product
Users may cancel the product within the time frame of the product out of delivery. With the receipt of the order cancellation request, your order will be cancelled with an instant effect.

Cancellation of a service
The website/application will be the connecting medium in accessing our benefits with your services placed. Once the appointment has been done user will be receiving the confirmation of the order and the status of it in progressing ahead.

We are not liable to any discrepancies of services if any, arise to the cancellation of order due to unavailability of the Doctor/registered medical practitioners.

If at all confirmed with the appointments placed by a user will not be refunded. Decisions of the company will be finalized in services to provide based on full and partial refund policies with the mentioned services with us.


If any queries, contact us at our email address - We care for your responses.